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The sad reality is…

I think I’m closing up shop here indefinitely. I have too many real world responsibilities and other things I want to spend time on. 

I’m going to honestly try to get through my back log of requests and anyone who has followed me since I closed them can put one in. (This is timestamped - January 23, 2013 at 12pm).

I’m sorry for bailing on you guys, but this is starting to feel less like having fun and more like an obligation. Anytime one analysis gets posted three more requests appear. 

It makes posting kind of terrifying. 

Anyway, I do have slightly more time this semester, so I should start being able to post backlog request soon. I am sorry for not getting to them sooner, but I barely had time to sleep last semester.

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Make it a powerful memory, the happiest you can remember. Allow it to fill you up… Just remember, your patronus can only protect you as long as you stay focused… think of the happiest thing you can.

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Pottermore Sounds


So a lot of the voices in Pottermore are scrambled or are way too quite to hear, but there are a few exceptions:

The radio in Chapter 2 Moment 1 I can just make out this: ”Well hello to you wonderful people. Tonight we have a very special show line up for you… Also… Michael Jinkins… come on say hi to Michael… Welcome to the show… well how’s it going?” So the guest must be Michael Jinkins (I think that’s the last name. Though the other speaker sounds like a girl) I can almost hear this one. It is SO frustrating!

In Chapter 3 Moment 1 on the radio I can hear: “Today, as you’ll notice, is a quite blustery day, with heavy winds sweeping the entire nation. There will be scattered showers throughout the day…. heavy showers and the occasional thunderstorm… It will be overcast and cloudy for the evening. Beyond the outbreak… around the eastern coast. The temperature is going to reach a high of 80 degree and a low of around 70 degrees. That’s your weather for the moment. Now we go over back to Dave with more of that classic…” And there is a song.

In the Chapter 8, Moment 1 I can just make out something like: “My owl brought a great post the other night.” 

And Chapter 10, Moment 1, someone says: “that’s funny.”

In Book Two, Chapter 1, Moment 1, unfortunately they scrambled the radio,  they could be listening to a swedish station for all it sounds like english.

No I am not an eavesdropper. 


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Just an update

This first month of school has been completely insane! But I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I am hoping to try to get one request done (of the ones I already have) a week, starting this week. Once they are done I’ll start thinking about the best time to take more requests.

(which might not be until December - sorry guys. Grad school it is an eater of time)

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Pottermore Audiobook


Moments with narration:

Chapter 4, Moment 1: Hagrid Arrives

Chapter 9, Moment 1: Flying Lessons

Chapter 12, Moment 2: The Disused Classroom

Chapter 14, Moment 2: The Egg in the Fire

Chapter 16, Moment 2: The Chessboard Chamber

They seem to use them when it isn’t clear from the picture what’s going on or it doesn’t give the moment the dynamic element the scene originally had. 

I will be updating this list as pottermore expands.

Did I miss any?

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before the worst: the hogwarts founders
henry cavill as godric gryffindor, katie mcgrath as rowena ravenclaw,
   billie piper as helga hufflepuff, and jonathan rhys-meyers as salazar slytherin.

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Requests Closed

Hey, guys. I’m currently closing requests. If you have already sent one in I will still be doing those. I’m just trying to keep my waiting list to a reasonable number as each wand takes 30-45 mins. If you missed the opening, you’re welcome to follow me and I’ll post when I’m taking request again.

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duckyourdiddlydodum’s Wand Analysis

Vine, Unicorn, 14 and 1/2, Unyeilding, Slytherin

Wand Analysis

This wand is meant for a witch or wizard of complexity, perhaps not the most powerful magic user in the room, but someone with a strength of purpose and depth of character. This wand its instant bond with its user, though given it’s stubborn nature it will be slightly harder to tame then it’s more flexible twin. It remains fiercely loyal, helping its user reach their goals and would not take to a new partner well. This wand is ill suited to dark magic, though it will attempt to follow its users desires. However, such a shift, especially an abruptly one, will likely kill the core. While it won’t produce the most powerful or the widest range of magic, again its stubbornness will make it even more reluctant to do so, within it’s user chosen field of interest, it will create constant and strong spells. Within its speciality area, it may well creature some innovative ones. The stubbornness of the wand its workaround-able as long as changes do not come too quickly and the wizard is careful.

The ideal user of this wand is someone with a strong purpose and moral character, and the rigidity implies a degree of stubbornness as well. The wand unusual length suggests a greater affinity for showy and large magic areas/spells then would normally been seen in this wand, implying the appropriate personality to match.

In Slytherin House

The ideal Slytherin user truly plays into the house trait of ambition, while avoiding its sometimes negative pit falls. They are also likely less showy then many their housemates, though certainly a presence in the common room. To the Slytherin willing to work hard, keep away from the darker temptations (working smart however is allowed) and dream big, this wand is the ideal partner.

*you might notice that some of this is taken from an earlier analysis, normally I would not redo a wood/core combo, but the very different flexibility levels and the notably long length, required some tweaking to the original analysis. 

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